Why Coastal HVAC Units Fail

Why coastal HVAC units fail pre-maturely?

Why coastal HVAC units fail? The answer to this widely accepted problem can be attributed to SALT. Salt takes a dramatic toll on the life and efficiency of your coastal unit.

Inland units can last upwards of 15 years or more, while coastal units are considered worthy if they last a third of that.

Yeah……..But How?

Large concentrations of salt deposits, released from crashing waves and wind along the coast, come to rest on the outside-exposed portion of your unit. When allowed to remain, these deposits slowly rob your unit of its efficiency and will ultimately lead to its early replacement.

While salt corrosion takes it toll on all exposed metal surfaces, your coastal HVAC unit has little defense. The inner-workings of this mechanical system (condensing unit) are precisely designed to perform a specific function. Unlike patio furniture or other metal belongings that incorporate a painted surface and add a layer of defense, the vital components within your HVAC unit are not designed to perform efficiently with a coated surface.

The best defense against coastal HVAC failure is to remove the problem. Unlike the video above, this is something any property owner can do. It’s a simple, no hassle procedure that enables you to take control and start saving money immediately. The only difference between your system and those situated inland-is simply salt.

To view retail locations in your area or learn more about this amazing solution, simply follow this link “Stop Coastal HVAC Failure”

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