The Primary Focus of Salt Removers Corp.

The Primary Focus of Salt Removers Corp.

The primary focus of Salt Removers Corp. is to reduce the amount of energy coastal residents consume to heat or cool their home, condominium or business and extend the life of their air conditioner/heat pump by controlling salt corrosion .

We accomplish this by providing a product and application system that removes energy depleting, corrosion causing salt deposits from the coil and surrounding surface areas of the outside condensing unit.

In order to grab hold of the solution, it’s very important that you first understand the problem. The primary means by which your coastal air conditioner or heat pump efficiently achieves a desired comfort level in your home is through thermal transfer. These systems are designed to remove cold air in the summer, hot air in the winter and exchange it for “conditioned air”.

The capturing and releasing of this heat primarily takes place via the outside condenser coil and any restriction of this vital process can significantly reduce the systems efficiency; minimizing its heating or cooling capacity and causing increased run time to achieve the desired temperature setting.

With the hygroscopic nature of salt, and within a coastal environment, there is a continual attraction of salt laden moisture that collects upon the coil of the outside unit. This continual and compounding occurrence not only causes pre-mature unit failure but it also works to insulate the coil and reduce thermal transfer. This will Increase the units energy consumption and cost as much if not more than early system replacement due to salt corrosion.

Air conditioners and or heat pumps are built to precision. The efficiency and longevity of these systems depend upon each component performing its task flawlessly. A coastal air conditioner or heat pump can loose as much as 12% of its efficiency annually and last, on average, about 1/3 of those located inland, due to salt.

The cost’s are high – The solution is affordable.

Salt Removers Service

Providing an economical solution to increasing energy bills and pre-mature failure of coastal units’. Simple to use!

Guaranteed to reduce your energy bills!



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