Customers Talk About How Salt Removers Helped Save Them Money

I must say that your service continues to surpass our expectations. We began at a modest level, about 12 units, then eagerly expanded to include the common areas and all ninety-four individual units within our complex. Association memebers and I were extremely pleased with how energy savings alone covered the cost of service. Not too mention, the units are still operating well after almost 10 years of service. We never had anything to loose, the Money-Back Guarantee made it a simple choice,

Garry Schisler Former Board Member at Summerchase Condo- Orange Beach, AL

I cannot express how impressed I am with the service and product you’ve designed. It’s a simple formula. Your AC blows cooler; your AC runs less; your electric consumption is less, thus saving you money! Not to mention extending the life of the unit. The concept is simple and it works, a real NO BRAINER! And my satisfaction was 100% Guaranteed.

Mike Montgomery Condo Owner -Gulf Shores, AL Fire Chief, Tuscaloosa, AL

For the past two years Salt Removers Service Div. has been responsible for the removal of salt deposits from the common area units at Regency Isle in Orange Beach Al. I will say, without a doubt, that the product and service work as represented.

I would recommend to everyone living in or near a coastal area to use the product or service to your Heating & Cooling system. I feel it will provide you with additional years of efficient service. Love the Guarantee. That made my job easier.

Frank deJarnette Property Manager Regency Isle- Orange Beach, AL

I cannot express how impressed I am with the service and product you have. As a business owner directly on the Gulf Coast in Gulf Shores AL, the last thing I needed were high electric bills, especially with tourism and business being down due to the oil spill. I recently added a snoball stand here also to help supplement my income. With this addition came 2 deep freezers, a refrigerator, a window air conditioner and a snoball machine. My average electric bill last year was approximately $300.00. With the addition of all of this equipment, I just knew my electric bill was going to go thru the roof, but it Did NOT go up at all. After your services to my A/C unit , and personally seeing the inside temperature on my 5 year old Trane heat pump unit drop by 7 degrees, I knew right there I was going to be saving money. It’s a simple formula. Your A/C blows cooler, your A/C runs less, your electric consumption is less, thus saving you money!! Not to mention extending the life of your A/C unit outside. Once again Thank you!!!

C.J. Gough Scoot-A-Round Scooter Rentals, LLC New Orleans Original Snoballs

I live about 100 yards from the Gulf, and recently had to replace the coil on my outside unit, because the aluminum vanes had virtually corroded away. About four months ago I started to use your product(wish the service was here). While it’s too early to say if the life of my new coil has extended the life of my compressor unit, I can say that the difference is significant: the temperature above the coil is now 108.5 degrees, whereas the temperature of my neighbor’s is just over 90 degrees. Maybe this isn’t terribly scientific, but my house is just as cool as it ever was, but my compressor isn’t working nearly as hard. My electricity bill reflects this. Great product, and I wish you sold it in gallon containers.

CA Krohn -Panama City Beach, FL

I have used the sea salt removal service for the past two years, beginning at installation, and my unit looks and operates like new-two years, that is half the life of my previous units. I highly recommend the service. The savings on my electric bill alone has covered the cost of service, not too mention the increased life of my unit. Thank You!

CA Rick Nitterhouse- Gulf Shores, AL

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