Sea Salt Will Cost You Thousands!

Salt Removers Corp. is committed to providing coastal homeowners with a commercial strength solution that’s specifically engineered and environmentally safe for removal of sea salt deposits from your outside air conditioner or heat pump system.

Air Conditioner Salt Remover is a one-of-a-kind commercial strength, but extremely homeowner friendly product specially designed to remove sea salt deposits from the outside portion of coastal air conditioners and Heat Pumps. You simply connect the ready-to-use bottle to your existing garden hose. This strong, yet environmentally safe, Salt Removal Wash Down will add years to and increase the efficiency of your coastal system. Saving you Time, Money and Frustration. Now! there is an alternative for the coastal homeowner to this financially recurring problem of equipment failure and increased energy bills due to sea salt corrosion.    Product Link

Air Conditioner Salt Remover sea salt

This easy-to-use product is specially designed to quickly remove sea salt deposits from your outside coastal heating and cooling system. The friendly application process makes it easy for any coastal homeowner to use. We mean ANYONE. If You Can Operate a Garden Hose…Then You can Do This!            Product Link

Your System Will Operate More Efficiently and Longer

Air Conditioner Salt Remover is specifically designed to quickly remove corrosion causing sea salt deposits from your outside System. The presence of salt has a dramatic effect on the life and efficiency of your coastal system.

If Salt Remains, It Will Cost You More Money

Salt not only leads to corrosion and pre-mature system failure, but it also reduces your systems efficiency. With the hygroscopic (ability to attract and hold moisture) nature of salt, there is a continual attraction of salt laden moisture that collects upon the coil of your outside system. This continual and compounding attraction not only causes premature air conditioning or heat pump failure but it also works to insulate the coil and reduce the necessary thermal transfer, efficiency loss. Field Data collected within Salt Removers Service Div. has proven that, over time, this occurrence can be as costly, in excessive energy usage, as replacement of the unit due to salt corrosion.      Product Link

Air Conditioner Salt Remover will quickly and effectively rid your coastal system of harmful sea salt deposits, resulting in a system that runs better and will operate longer. Most air conditioning and heat pump system are designed to operate for upwards of 15 years. However, salt corrosion can reduce the life of your coastal system to as little as 3-5. Corrosion is caused by the sea salt environment that’s common to  coastal areas. The salt air not only corrodes your system, but it also reduces the outside coils’ ability to effectively transfer heat, which seriously reduces the efficiency of your system as well. Air Conditioner Salt Remover safely removes sea salt, increasing the life and efficiency of your system, Saving you Time, Money and Frustration.

If you live in a coastal area, chances are, your system is laboring under the adverse conditions caused by sea salt.  Salt corrosion causes your system to labor excessively while achieving a desired thermostat setting, resulting in higher energy and repair bills. In fact, salt corrosion is the biggest cause of premature coastal heating and cooling failure. Over a short period of time, it will cost you thousands in higher energy and system repair or replacement bills.

Air Conditioner Salt Remover is safe and easy, yet extremely effective at removing corrosion causing, energy depleting sea salt deposits from your coastal air conditioner or heat pump. Saving You Time, Energy and Frustrations

Order Yours Today and Take Control! Now You have the Ability to do Something Yourself.  100% Non-Toxic Safe for People, Pets and The Planet.

Remember, If you can operate a garden-hose…Then You Can do this.

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