How to Control Salt Corrosion on Your HVAC System

Salt Corrosion

Salt corrosion on your HVAC system can wreak havoc, so how do you stop it?

Your HVAC system represents a good deal of money and when salt corrosion hits it that can mean money wasted. Salt corrosion is an all too common problem with HVAC units, but how do you go about controlling it?

The only way to control salt corrosion is getting rid of the salt that causes it. This can be done by making sure your HVAC unit is properly maintained at all times to ensure it is salt free. This type of maintenance doesn’t have to be costly. Should salt corrosion be left unattended for too long then your HVAC unit could possibly break down leaving you with an expense that is all but unmanageable.

HVAC maintenance to rid the unit of salt usually means having the entire unit taken apart. However, there are now viable solutions that can be used that only require a garden hose and nothing more. These kinds of solutions are all-natural and have been proven to safely remove salt, which keeps your HVAC system running strong for many years to come.

Either way you decide to go, you should have your HVAC’s potential salt corrosion problems attended to. After all, your HVAC system will only run as well as it is taken care of.

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