Corrosion of Beach Front AC

Is your Beach Front AC Suffering from Salt Corrosion?

Corrosion of Beach Front AC

Beach Front AC Corrosion

 If you live along the beach front and you have an ac then the answer is yes. Salt corrosion will take its toll on all your exposed metal belongings. Remember the old adage-Never buy a used car from the extreme northern states or the coast because road and naturally occurring salt from the ocean had wreaked havoc on it.

Although, advancements in paint and undercarriage coatings have somewhat alleviated that concern. Coastal ac units’ still take a pounding.

By necessary design and industry standard, air conditioning units are composed of a copper tube fused to aluminum fins.

The copper adds strength necessary for handling the extreme pressure variance of the refrigerant. While the aluminum fins add additional surface area to better reject heat. Thermal transfer is the primary means by which ac units cool or “condition” air.

This metal combination is very durable and reliable in most region. Unfortunately, not coastal, especially not coastal beach front regions. Within a coastal environment these metals undergo an extreme transformation.

Copper and aluminum are classified as dissimilar metals. Wherever you have dissimilar metals connected and in the presence of an electrolyte (salt) galvanic corrosion will occur. This type corrosion is very aggressive. It attacks the aluminum fins (anode), causing rapid deterioration.

Next time you take a gander at the old ac sitting outside. Take a close look at the aluminum fins. If its been in a coastal environment for any amount of time you will notice a white powdery substance. Please note: this is not necessarily salt you are seeing. But it will be the main indicator that lets you know that salt, galvanic corrosion, has paid you a visit.

As if having to pre-maturely replace your unit from this beast isn’t bad enough. You’ll be surprised to know that long before this visual indicator appeared, you ac has been consuming excessive amounts of energy.

There is a better – more affordable way:

•Remove the salt-Since you cant remove one of the metals…You must remove the salt to control this natural occurrence.

•Removing the salt will increase the efficiency of your existing ac.

•Removing the salt will control the naturally occurring corrosion progression.

•Removing the salt will increase the life of your existing ac.

So…..How do you remove the salt?

•It’s easy!

•Anyone can do it!


•Performed using a standard garden hose.

You Answer

Air Conditioner Salt Remover

Coastal Coil Wash Solution

You can do it no matter your level of expertise.

Simply connects to your garden hose.

Guaranteed to increase the life and efficiency of your coastal ac.

Remember….You can’t remove the metals…..So, You must remove the salt.

Please tell us your story. How have you been affected by beach front corrosion to your ac.

In the past, how long before salt corrosion caused you to replace. If available, we’d like to know the efficiency of your current ac. How long has it been in the costal environment?

Your comments are greatly appreciated!

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