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Coastal Property Owners, There is a Solution.

Salt Removers proudly serves coastal property owners that are tired of paying too much in energy bills for their comfort or the comfort of their guest and having to pre-maturely replace their air conditioning/heat pump unit due to salt corrosion.

Some of our clients work and utilize their coastal property as a rental investment with stays in between rentals, but most are retired or semi-retired. What they all have in common is a relaxed lifestyle in a coastal area. They generally enjoy active lives playing tennis or golf, walking the beaches, shopping, going out to dinner and the tranquility of oceanfront living. Many live in condos where access to their heating and cooling equipment  is limited or not permitted, while others live in coastal homes.

Salt corrosion is a very common problem to all  coastal areas, with prevailing winds, tropical storms and jet stream patterns determining its inland distance and severity.   Not considering the factors stated, all direct coastline properties are affected.

People that own  homes or condos in these areas will face the problem of shortened heating & cooling equipment life and reduced efficiency because of salt corrosion. Industry standard on heating & cooling equipment life is 10-12 years with minimal maintenance needed to operate efficiently. Of course, this data reflects that of units located inland. Without proper care, coastal units can be completely ruined within 3-5 years, with efficiency being compromised beginning at installation.

What can you expect to happen to your air conditioning/heat pump unit within a coastal environment?

  • Increase in electric bill. Your air conditioning/heat pump unit is the largest user of electricity in your home, responsible for as much as 50% of your home or condo’s energy consumption The effects of Salt will cause a dramatic increases in electric usage. Salt not only leads to the units early demise, but its ability to attract and hold moisture, reducing thermal transfer, will cause the unit to run far more longer than it used to.

If you’ve been having trouble with your air conditioner/heat pump and you live in a coastal area, chances are that salt  is part – or all – of the problem. You see, our clients reach out to us because they’ve had trouble with their units and their service technician has told them that salt corrosion is the culprit. Or they’ve been recommended to us by a neighbor in their condo complex familiar with the salt problems and they know we have the solution.

Traditional HVAC repair techs do not address this issue, other than to replace the unit. This is an expensive and frequently unnecessary solution. Replacing the unit will fix the problem for now, removing the problem will fix it from now on.

Please contact us today to find out if we can save you money on your power bill and keep you from having to replace your unit.

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