Cooling Your Beach Home – Efficiency

Certain Demise of Coastal HVAC Unit

Certain Demise of Coastal HVAC Unit

The primary means by which your air conditioning unit efficiently achieves a desired comfort level in your home is through thermal transfer. It is designed to remove hot air from your home and exchange it for conditioned air.

The releasing of this heat primarily takes place via the outside condenser coil. Any restriction of this vital process will significantly reduce your unit’s efficiency and lead to increased run-time when trying to cool your home.


Coastal Sea Spray-SALT-Reduces Your Unit’s Efficiency

Salt reduces your air conditioning unit’s ability to transfer heat efficiently. With the hygroscopic (ability to attract and hold moisture) nature of salt, there is a continual attraction of salt laden moisture that collects upon the coil of the outside air conditioning unit.

This continual and compounding attraction not only causes pre-mature air conditioning failure but it also works to insulate the coil and significantly reduce thermal transfer. Over time, this proves more costly, in higher energy bills, than pre-maturely replacing the unit due to salt corrosion.

Increase the life and efficiency of your coastal homes largest energy consuming appliance…The air conditioning unit.




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