How To Protect Your Air Conditioner From Salt Water

If you live in a coastal area, you know how important your air conditioning system is. When temperatures rise above 80 degrees, open windows and fans simply don’t cut it. You need to blast cold air in every room of your home to feel comfortable. But what happens if your AC isn’t pumping in the […]

Air Conditioning Repair Daytona Beach Fl

  Air conditioning repairs in Daytona Beach And other coastal areas of Florida occur more frequently than systems located inland. Why do you suppose that is? If you are fortunate enough to own or live along side any coastal area, then you probably know the answer…. You guessed right- SALT CORROSION The air we love […]

How Can I Stop Salt Corrosion from Destroying My Air Conditioner

Stop Salt Corrosion from Destroying Your Air Conditioner ? Is it possible to stop salt corrosion from destroying your air conditioner ? Coastal home and condo owners have battled with this question for years and the answer is…. NO! The proper question is…. Is it possible to slow down the natural occurrence of salt destroying […]

Air Conditioner Salt Removal / Salt Removers, Gulf Shores

Let Us Remove Your Salt Problem! Air conditioner salt removal service is a division of Salt Removers Corp. Licensed HVAC contractor, bonded and insured, with service technicians specially trained to safely remove corrosion causing, energy depleting salt deposits from coastal air conditioning and heat pump units. Service trucks are equipped to handle any location using […]

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