Hurricanes Salty Winds Cause Corrosion Inland

Typically, corrosion caused by salt is not addressed quickly enough. This type corrosion is a recurring and expensive problem for coastal residents. Add a hurricane and the problem becomes amplified, with implications reaching much further inland than normal. Understandably, areas that experience coastal flooding are going to encounter salt corrosion issues sooner and in more […]

The Primary Focus of Salt Removers Corp.

The Primary Focus of Salt Removers Corp. The primary focus of Salt Removers Corp. is to reduce the amount of energy coastal residents consume to heat or cool their home, condominium or business and extend the life of their air conditioner/heat pump by controlling salt corrosion . We accomplish this by providing a product and application system that […]

Coastal Sea-Spray Causes Agressive Galvanic Corrosion

Coastal Sea-Spray causes aggressive Galvanic Corrosion and is wreaking HAVOC on your coastal heating and cooling equipment. • Coastal sea spray causes aggressive galvanic corrosion that destroys coastal heating and cooling systems. • Galvanic corrosion can ruin a coastal system in as little as 3 to 5 years. Inland units can last upwards of 15 years. • Galvanic corrosion, […]

Cooling Your Beach Home – Efficiency

The primary means by which your air conditioning unit efficiently achieves a desired comfort level in your home is through thermal transfer. It is designed to remove hot air from your home and exchange it for conditioned air. The releasing of this heat primarily takes place via the outside condenser coil. Any restriction of this […]

How to Control Salt Corrosion on Your HVAC System

Your HVAC system represents a good deal of money and when salt corrosion hits it that can mean money wasted. Salt corrosion is an all too common problem with HVAC units, but how do you go about controlling it? The only way to control salt corrosion is getting rid of the salt that causes it. This can […]

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