Air Conditioning Repair Due to Salt Corrosion

Salt corrosion is a very common problem in coastal areas of the United States. In fact, the problem is almost epidemic in oceanfront homes and condos along our beautiful coastlines. From the shores of Alabama, Georgia, Florida,  Mississippi, Texas, the Carolinas and all along the Eastern seaboard. People that own homes or condos in these and other coastal regions […]

Cooling Your Beach Home – Efficiency

The primary means by which your air conditioning unit efficiently achieves a desired comfort level in your home is through thermal transfer. It is designed to remove hot air from your home and exchange it for conditioned air. The releasing of this heat primarily takes place via the outside condenser coil. Any restriction of this […]

Air Conditioning Repair Gulf Shores, AL

Ever wondered why your air conditioning unit in Gulf Shores requires more service calls and tends to break down more often than your unit back home? If so, you are not alone. The standard operating life span of an inland air conditioning unit is 12-15 years and with minimal service required. Of course, the keyword here […]

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