The Primary Focus of Salt Removers Corp.

The Primary Focus of Salt Removers Corp. The primary focus of Salt Removers Corp. is to reduce the amount of energy coastal residents consume to heat or cool their home, condominium or business and extend the life of their air conditioner/heat pump by controlling salt corrosion . We accomplish this by providing a product and application system that […]

Air Conditioning Coil Protection

Air Conditioning Coil Protection? To protect or not to protect, this is a decision that many coastal homeowners are faced with. Air conditioning coil protection or “coil coatings” (polyurethanes, epoxies, fluoropolymers and silanes) are basically a covering used to shield the outside coil from salt and it’s damaging effects. Salt corrosion or galvanic corrosion in this case can completely destroy a unit in as little as […]

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