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How Salt Removers Corp. Improved the Efficiency and Performance of a Coastal Air Conditioner and Saved the Owner a Bundle!

ATTN: Update 12/31/2014, Please view the conclusion of a 7 year energy and equipment failure analysis conducted on a 110 unit complex within Salt Removers Service Div.


Bob C. had purchased a condo on the Gulf Coast in Alabama. The previous owners had installed a new split unit air conditioner/heat pump, including air handler, about one year prior to selling the unit to Bob. Bob purchased the condo as a rental investment. After about 2 years Bob began to notice that his electric bill was creeping up. At first he attributed this to a rate increase by the power company or maybe several renters who were perhaps not practicing energy conservation steps while on vacation. After implementing several energy conservation items and features to thwart carelessness and upon reviewing energy rates of the power provider, he began to see a decrease. But the decrease was very small and bob knew that after all of these steps he had taken, there must still be something occurring.

Bob knew that his heating and cooling unit was the largest user of electricity. So Bob scheduled a service technician to come and take a look at his unit. After review of Bobs system the technician informs him  that the outside condensing unit looks rough, but everything is working as expected for a unit this old. Bob said what do you mean a unit this old? It’s not even four years old yet. The service tech said look buddy, in this environment these units don’t last because of the salt. This was news to Bob. He demanded the service tech take him to the roof where he could see the outside unit. For security and liability reasons Bob or any other owner is restricted from the top of the condo where the units are located. As soon as Bob laid eyes on his unit and all the other units he quickly realized what the technician was talking about. There must have been a 100 units up there and all of them looked rough, Except for the ones that had recently been replaced and the ones that had a Salt Removers decal on them. Bob took down the number and called Salt Removers. After learning more about the problem from a staff member Bob consented to having a Salt Removers technician come out and perform service to the unit.



Bob was thrilled. “Right after the Salt Removers technician left  I noticed the air was blowing colder and didn’t have to run as long to cool the place. I thought, wow, this really works!” Bob now utilizes the salt removal service as prescribed by Salt Removers.

When asked if he was satisfied with the results of the service, Bob replied, “I couldn’t be happier; I’m saving a bundle on my electric bills.”

Find out if you can be as happy as Bob – call Salt Removers for an appointment today!

Update 12/31/14:

Conclusion to a seven year energy usage/equipment failure analysis (110 unit complex) within the service division, utilizing Air Conditioner Salt Remover: Salt Removers Energy Savings Analysis 2009-2014

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