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Summer!, who doesn’t love Summer at the beach. The food, The Fun, The Sun and The water, have all ingredients necessary for being able to relax/enjoy the beautiful ocean front scenery and is also a good time to reap the benefits of vacationers looking for a place to rent. Of course, without air conditioning none of the afore mentioned would be as pleasant or profitable.


With summers increased temperature and flux of temporary tenants, who seemingly left their energy conservation practices at home, air conditioning costs’ can certainly put a damper on summer fun. Here are a few simple, cost affective measures to ensure that your coastal air conditioning system is operating at peak efficiency.

Air Conditioning Service Tips:

•Ensure air conditionings outdoor condenser unit is level in both directions.

•Pour water/bleach combination down the evaporator coil drain pipe annually, to prevent mold from developing.

•Clean inside evaporator coil in conjunction with the bleach treatment for drain (using a specific cleaner intended for this purpose).

•Depending upon rate of occupancy, replace air filter at least every 60 days. Consider using one of the less expensive, spun fiberglass, filters. If properly maintained, these filters allow better airflow – Increased efficiency

•Check system cooling – As long as there is a temperature differential of 14-16 degrees F° in cool air blowing from the vent closest to the thermostat versus the air flowing into the filter vent, then refrigeration (Freon) level is probably good.

•Thoroughly clean the outside condensing unit with a coil cleaner that’s suitable to your environment (coastal air conditioning units require a special cleaner that’s designed to remove salt deposits and control corrosion), paying close attention to the aluminum fins that are connected to the coil. Make certain that this area is free of all dirt, dust and debris. Be careful with the pressure that’s applied, damaging of these fins can cause a decrease in the units efficiency.

Be certain to hire a state licensed, insured HVAC service contractor to perform all of your air conditioning service needs. Make certain they are knowledgeable about energy depleting, corrosion causing salt deposits that affect the life and efficiency of your coastal air conditioning unit.

Reducing the amount of energy coastal residents consume to heat or cool their home, condominium or business.

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