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Ever wondered why your air conditioning unit in Gulf Shores requires more service calls and tends to break down more often than your unit back home?

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If so, you are not alone. The standard operating life span of an inland air conditioning unit is 12-15 years and with minimal service required. Of course, the keyword here is inland. The biggest difference between your air conditioning unit in Gulf Shores and your unit back home is the environment in which it is located.

Air conditioning units, for the most part, come standard with a 10 year manufactures warranty at no additional cost. These systems are engineered and built to operate efficiently for many years with minimal maintenance.

However, this warranty will not cover what’s naturally occurring to your air conditioning unit along the beautiful coastline of Gulf Shores, AL (corrosion). As you very well know, the salt air environment along the coastline wreaks havoc to exposed metal surfaces. Your air conditioning unit is no exception. In fact, it is even more susceptible to salt corrosion.

By necessary design, the inner workings of the outside, exposed portion of your air conditioning unit is composed of a copper tube that’s fused to aluminum fins. This metal combination is used to facilitate the primary means by which your unit efficiently cools, thermal transfer.

Unfortunately, the combination of these two metals present a problem within a salt air environment. When copper and aluminum (dissimilar metals) are joined together within the presence of an electrolyte (salt), galvanic corrosion will occur.

This type corrosion is very aggressive and is the number one reason for pre-mature failure and efficiency loss to coastal air conditioning units in Gulf Shores, Al and abroad.

Please click on the link below and learn how to control this naturally occurring, financial problem with your coastal air conditioning unit.


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