Air Conditioning Repair Due to Salt Corrosion

Air Conditioning Coil Corrosion

Air Conditioning Coil Corrosion

Salt corrosion is a very common problem in coastal areas of the United States. In fact, the problem is almost epidemic in oceanfront homes and condos along our beautiful coastlines. From the shores of Alabama, Georgia, Florida,  Mississippi, Texas, the Carolinas and all along the Eastern seaboard. People that own homes or condos in these and other coastal regions deal with the destruction caused by salt on a daily basis.

A study released by the U.S. Federal Highway Administration estimates that corrosion cost tax payers about 276 billion dollars per year. While, this is not all caused by salt a large portion can be attributed to it.

Although, technological advances in paints, plastics and specialty metals have allowed us to hold on to our bikes, barbeque grills and patio furniture a bit longer, there is one item that doesn’t fare too well…..your air conditioner! If you’ve owned coastal property for any amount of time you are all too familiar with what I am talking about.

Yea, but why does it happen so fast?

Unlike grills or bikes, the outside portion of your air conditioning unit (condenser) contains a precise amount and type of metal needed to perform a specific task. The condenser coil, heart and soul of your unit, is a heat exchanger. Air conditioning units are designed to remove hot air and exchange it for conditioned air. This is how the system operates to efficiently cool your home.

Without getting too technical, the metal composition needed to facilitate this transfer is classified as being dissimilar. While this poses little concern to inland units, it is of great concern to your coastal unit. The presence of salt, an electrolyte, in conjunction with the metals being used to make up the coil, have all the necessary components to cause rapid deterioration. This process is called galvanic corrosion.

This type corrosion is very aggressive and occurs internally; breaking down the less noble metal and turning it to powder. Quickly affecting the life and efficiency of your coastal air conditioning unit.

From Gulf Shores, Al to New Jersey and coastlines everywhere, salt will cause premature air conditioning failure and efficiency loss.

Contact us to learn more about reducing your energy bill and increasing the life of your coastal air conditioning unit.

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