Cost to Cool Your Coastal Home on the Rise?

Are Summers Getting Hotter and Winters Getting Colder?

It seems, over time, your air conditioning / heat pump unit takes longer and kicks on more often to keep your home comfortable.

While it’s certainly true that from year to year summers heat and winters cool can and will fluctuate. If you own or live in a coastal environment, temperature fluctuation is not the primary cause.

Maybe, several years back you had your unit replaced. The first two or three years were great; your home stayed comfortable and your energy bill dropped automatically. But lately you’ve began to notice a change. It just doesn’t seem as though the unit is operating as well as it used to and you have noticed an increase in energy usage. You’ve examined the power bill, and yes the rates have increased but so has your kilowatt usage. Why? is summer getting warmer or winters getting cloder?

While temperature change will definitely cause your system to operate longer . It can also cause it to run less.

So What’s the answer?

Contrary to popular belief, your air conditioning / heat pump unit does not cool-heat your home by making cold or hot air. The primary means by which your system efficiently achieves the desired comfort level (thermostat setting) in your home is through thermal transfer. It is designed to remove cold air in the winter, hot air in the summer and exchange it for conditioned air.

The capturing and releasing of this heat primarily takes place via the outside condenser coil and any restriction of this vital process will significantly reduce your air conditioning / heat pump units cooling or heating capacity and efficiency. Causing the unit to cycle more, increased run-time, while achieving your desired temperature setting.

With the hygroscopic (attract and hold moisture) nature of salt, there is a continual attraction of salt laden moisture that collects upon the coil of the outside air conditioning / heat pump unit. This continual and compounding attraction works to insulate the coil and reduce your units efficiency.

Along the coastline, this naturally occurring problem is the primary reason for air conditioning / heat pump failure and efficiency loss.

Learn more about ways to increase the life and efficiency of your coastal air conditioning / heat pump unit.

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