Air Conditioning Coil Protection

air conditioning coil protection

Salt Corrosion

Air Conditioning Coil Protection?

To protect or not to protect, this is a decision that many coastal homeowners are faced with.

Air conditioning coil protection or “coil coatings” (polyurethanes, epoxies, fluoropolymers and silanes) are basically a covering used to shield the outside coil from salt and it’s damaging effects.

Salt corrosion or galvanic corrosion in this case can completely destroy a unit in as little as two years. This reoccurring problem is extremely expensive for coastal homeowners.

To Coat:

• Coatings provide a layer of protection; for galvanic corrosion to occur an electrolyte (salt) must come into contact with the dissimilar metals (copper tubing fused to aluminum fins) located in the outside condensing unit.

• There are several different coatings , prices and application methods to choose from.

 Not To Coat:

• The cost; often times cost, including labor, can be as much as 1/3 of the systems initial price.

• Coatings need to be applied before installation; to ensure complete coverage of the coil it is recommended that coatings be applied before installation.

• Complete coverage; if 95% coverage is achieved the remaining 5% will allow the corrosion to occur at the same rate as if no coating were applied.

• Efficiency loss; coatings will reduce the systems efficiency. The thermal transfer rate is impacted by the coating. This combined with the cost to coat can be as much of a financial burden as premature system replacement from salt corrosion.

• The efficiency of your system is greatly dependent upon the thermal transfer rate. Coatings, coupled with the insulating affect caused by the hygroscopic nature of salt work to diminish thermal transfer.

Whether you decide to coat or not to coat, remember the presence of salt is still costing you money.

The only way to control the financial burden caused by salt in relation to your homes largest energy consuming appliance…Your Air Conditioner, is to remove it.

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