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Salt Removers - Coil Corrosion Control

Salt Removers – Coil Corrosion Control

The primary focus of Salt Removers Corp. is energy conservation and the preservation of coastal heating / cooling systems by providing a product that’s specifically designed and engineered to quickly remove  salt deposits and control Air conditioning coil corrosion / Salt Removers Corp.

The Problem is Simply Salt

Air Conditioner Salt Remover is the simple solution to an expensive problem you may not know you have until it’s too late. If you’ve ever wondered why your coastal air conditioner or heat pump, that’s supposed to last upwards of 10 to 15 years, ends up in the scrap yard long before that time…then here’s the answer…and the solution.

If you live or own a business along the coast, the simple fact is that the ever-present salt collecting on the coil and surface of your unit is costing you money. The salt deposits not only cause accelerated coil corrosion and premature failure but can also reduce your unit’s efficiency by as much as 12% each year. This effect is undoubtedly costing you hundreds of dollars per year in excessive electric bills and even more in serious damage to your air conditioner or heat pump system. Allowing salt deposits to remain on the outside coil causes your system to work harder and run longer to keep you, your family or customers comfortable — Which, in turn, means you have to pay higher energy bills and replace the unit twice as fast, on average.

The Solution is Simply a Solution.

Salt Removers Corp. created a one-of-a-kind solution that specifically designed and engineered, for coastal residents, to quickly, effectively remove corrosion causing, energy depleting salt deposits from your outside unit. Safe, effective, easy to use, Saving you time and money.

Salt Removers is the only source for this ground-breaking, proprietary solution that can save you money year after year while making your home or business more comfortable. This coil wash solution is specifically designed and engineered, for coastal residents, to remove energy depleting, corrosion causing, salt deposits from the outside, exposed portion of your air conditioning or heat pump unit.

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