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  1. William Venice Beach, FL says:

    Shipping was extremely fast and free. I’ve used the product over the summer and my 3 year old unit still looks great. I really noticed a difference on my power bill. My beach house is a rental property so these savings really make a difference on the bottom line.

    • Thank you William. Very glad to hear you were well pleased with everything. Free expedited shipping is just one of the ways we strive to exceede expectations

  2. floridahshopper1 says:

    Love the product. Living on the coast does extreme damage to AC units. AC Salt remover does a great job.

  3. Jeremiah L says:

    I began using AC Salt Remover after installing a new unit 5 years ago. There are signs of salt causing the unit to decay, but ever so slightly. The previous unit only lasted 3 1/2 years and it was crumbling into when carted out. This product has made a tremendous difference and saved me a lot of money!
    Thank you!
    Jeremiah L
    Key West

  4. Mike N Key Largo FL says:

    My service guy recommended that I wash down my unit with the garden hose once a month to remove salt build up. I did so but was still seeing the coils on my unit began to turn powdery after only 18 months. I still hose down the unit, but now I connect the easy to use hose end connector that’s equipped with ac salt remover. Its been almost 3 years since I began doing so and have really noticed a difference. My unit hasn’t shown any signs of aggressive salt corrosion and is working very efficiently. HAPPY CUSTOMER! THANKS FOR PROVIDING US WITH A SOLUTION TO A BIG $$$$$$ PROBLEM!

    • Thank you Mike! We are glad you are well satisfied. AC Salt Remover turns your water hose into a money saving machine!

  5. Chris K, Palm Coast FL says:

    I have lived along the ocean most of my life, and have battled salt corrosion on my ac unit. Through my years of experience the best thing you can do is to regularly wash down the unit with a garden hose. I like this product because there is no mixing and it comes with a nozzle that hooks up to my hose. It also applies just the correct amount of pressure so that I do not have to be real close to my unit. I have one that’s elevated and one that’s not. Been a customer for 4 years and have really noticed a difference on the condition of my unit and power bill.

    • Thanks Chris! A/C Salt Remover turns your water hose into a money saving machine. It’s simple….if you can operate a garden hose then you can do this.

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