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Salt Removers ServiceLet Us Remove Your Salt Problem!

Air conditioner salt removal service is a division of Salt Removers Corp. Licensed HVAC contractor, bonded and insured, with service technicians specially trained to safely remove corrosion causing, energy depleting salt deposits from coastal air conditioning and heat pump units.

Service trucks are equipped to handle any location using our proprietary solution, Air Conditioner Salt Remover,™ from the top of a high-rise to a single level home or business.

Customers are amazed at the difference this service makes in decreasing energy bills and increasing the life-span of their coastal units…not to mention the increased comfort level of their home or office due to the creation of cooler air.

Just consider what this one-of-a-kind service can do for you:

Greatly increase the efficiency of your existing heating & cooling system. Salt reduces your unit’s efficiency by as much as 12% each year. This effect is undoubtedly costing you hundreds of dollars annually in excessive electric bills. Just think how much you can save in energy costs over the life of your unit (and it will last longer)!

Lowers the temperature of your conditioned air. The benefits of salt removal can be felt instantly. Removing salt from the outside unit will allow the temperature of conditioned air (the air that blows out of the vents) to be colder, so the unit runs for a shorter time to achieve the inside temperature you desire, and saves energy. Field tests have shown as much as a 7 degree temperature drop in conditioned air after Salt Removers service.

•Extends the life of your air conditioner/heat pump. Salt causes accelerated corrosion, resulting in serious damage to your air conditioner or heat pump. Coils coated in salt causes the equipment to work harder and run longer to keep your family or your customers cool. This excessive wear on your unit due to increased run time and labor means you have to replace it twice as fast, on average , as the same equipment located inland. Allowing us to remove the salt will dramatically increase the life of your coastal unit.

•Helps you reduce the number of units that prematurely fill local landfills. You can do your part in the nation’s Green efforts while saving money every month on your energy bills.

If you live or own a vacation property in Orange Beach or Gulf Shores, Al contact Salt Removers Service Division today and begin enjoying increased efficiency and extend the life of your coastal air conditioning /heat pump unit today.

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