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Condensing Unit

Condensing Unit

Are you paying too much for your comfort?  If you own a coastal rental or vacation home, bet you are and didn’t even know it. Why, you ask? The reason is salt!  Yeah, that’s right, salt! I am certain, if you’ve owned your place for any amount of time, you are all too aware of the rapid corrosion that salt causes to almost everything including your air conditioner unit. Did you know that long before signs of corrosion appear to your unit the efficiency has already been dramatically affected, regardless of the brand you own.

A coastal units efficiency can decline as much as twelve percent or more in as little as a year. Certainly, you would think that you’d notice this type of loss once you received your monthly power bill. This drastic loss is not as evident as you might think and here’s why. Consider, twelve percent efficiency decline divided by twelve months equals a one percent decrease per month. Now that kind of makes it a little less easier to spot. Especially, when you consider that the average coastal resident only operates their a/c unit approximately eight months out of the year. And this coupled with the fact that most coastal units will be replaced in as little as five years due to salt corrosion, further masks the problem.

So, How Does Salt Cause My System to Use More Energy?

The primary means by which your system efficiently achieves the desired comfort level (thermostats temperature setting) in your home is through thermal transfer. These systems are designed to remove cold air in the winter, hot air in the summer and exchange it for conditioner air (air that blows out of the vents inside your home). The capturing and releasing of this heat primarily takes place via the outside condenser coil and any restriction of this vital process will significantly reduce your unit’s efficiency. Requiring the unit to cycle more because the conditioned air is not being delivered at the optimum degree, causing increased run time, higher energy consumption, and excessive wear on the unit. With the hygroscopic (ability to attract and hold moisture) nature of salt and the abundant availability of salt laden moisture within a coastal environment there is a continual and compounding attraction that works to insulate the condenser coil, thereby reducing the necessary thermal transfer.

This little known fact has proven to be exceedingly more costly, over time, than pre-mature replacement of the unit due to salt corrosion within a coastal environment. The only way to effectively control the harmful and financially devastating affects of salt to your coastal unit is to remove it.

 Removing salt deposits from your unit will greatly increase the efficiency of your existing system

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