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Salt Removers : Providing coastal homeowners with a do-it-yourself solution for premature air conditioning failure and excessive energy usage due to Sea Salt Corrosion


salt removersSalt Removers, founded in 2009 by Scott Waldrop, provides a one-of-a-kind product and service (service available in Al & NC only) that’s engineered to remove corrosion causing, energy depleting sea salt from coastal A/C’s and dramatically increase the life & efficiency.

Scott and his family are devout Christians, and he feels this has helped him to be a better businessman. He began his career as a small business owner and was raised by his businessman father. As a youngster he worked in his dad’s businesses and learned the value of hard work and treating people fairly.

He learned the right way – and the wrong way – to run a business. This experience has been a great help to him in running Salt Removers Corporation, and focusing only on the quality of his products and services and not the quantity.

The story of how Scott came to be the owner of Salt Removers Corp. and the inventor of the Air Conditioner Salt Remover product is a fascinating one. In 2009, after selling his small business, Scott and his wife and their two young daughters began to spend extended stays at their condominium they had bought a few years earlier on the Alabama coast.

Scott had replaced his own air conditioner after it was damaged in a hurricane in 2004. But in early 2009, when they arrived at their condo for an extended vacation, they found they had to replace their air conditioner again, due to salt corrosion, after less than five years!

Frustrated, Scott felt there must be a product available to control this seemingly unstoppable occurrence. After much searching and with no luck, Scott joined forces with a laboratory who assisted in the developing and testing of a coil wash that’s specifically engineered to remove corrosion causing, energy depleting salt deposits from coastal HVAC units.

He immediately established Salt Removers Corp. and began to perform this one-of-a-kind service to the air conditioner/heat pump units in the homes and condos of coastal Alabama. Scott also developed the product Air Conditioner Salt Remover for independent sale, and his product is now sold in many Ace Hardware locations. You can also order his product from this website.

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As of 12/01/2018, the replacement unit, mentioned above, is now 10 years old and shows minimal signs of corrosion and, most importantly, is operating at the efficiency level of that as to when it was installed in 2009.

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