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Do you live along any of the fabulous coastlines around the world? If so, you may be experiencing coastal air conditioner or heat pump problems caused by sea salt corrosion. Contact us if you’re experiencing any of these problems:

  • System running more but heating or cooling less?
  • Had to, or will be replacing your system due to salt corrosion?
  • Experiencing higher than normal energy bills?
  •  Replacing your system every 3-6 years?
  • Tried everything, even rinsing your outside system down with the garden hose periodically?

These issues are all symptoms of a coastal air conditioner or heat pump system suffering from salt corrosion. Most systems are designed to last upwards of 15 years. However, sea salt corrosion can reduce a systems lifespan of only 3 to 6 years, with corrosion not being covered under the manufacturers warranty. Corrosion occurs naturally in the humid sea salt air environment that’s common to  coastal areas around the world. The salt air not only corrodes the unit, but also reduces the outside coils’ ability to transfer heat, which seriously reduces the efficiency of the unit. Salt Removers proprietary solution targets the problem, sea salt deposits. Removal of these naturally occurring deposits of sea salt to your coastal system will dramatically increase the life and efficiency of your coastal air conditioner or heat pump. Saving You Time, Money and Frustration!

Normal HVAC repair techs do not address sea salt corrosion, other than to replace the unit. This is an expensive and frequently unnecessary solution.

Salt Remover Corp. has two important ways to remove salt corrosion from your coastal air conditioner or heat pump system.

  • Air Conditioner Salt  Removal Service – Salt Removers Corp.(also available in NC) sends a certified air conditioning service technician to your home, as part of a customized service program, to remove damaging sea salt from your air conditioner or heat pump system. This service is guaranteed to extend the life and increase the efficiency of your system, saving you thousands.
  • Air Conditioner Salt Remover Product – This unique product is specially designed and engineered to equip the coastal homeowner with an easy to use solution to rid their coastal system of harmful sea salt deposits. Salt Removers Corp. has developed this remarkable product to efficiently and effectively remove salt deposits from your coastal air conditioners or heat pump systems. Removal of these sea salt deposits will enable your system to operate longer, more efficiently. Air Conditioner Salt Remover can be easily applied by anyone with access to a garden hose. It’s that Easy and that Quick.

Please contact us today if:

  • You live in a coastal area and you’re tired of excessive energy bills.
  • You are faced with a system that is running more & more often to supply comfort.
  • You are tired of prematurely replacing your coastal air conditioner or heat pump due to sea salt corrosion.
  • Your are concerned about the continual damage being caused to your system due to sea salt corrosion.

If you live or own a coastal home/condo in Gulf Shore or Orange Beach AL, contact Salt Removers (lic#11072) at 1-877-725-8851 or email service@acsaltremover.com to learn more about this revolutionary product and service.

Coastal North Carolina residents please contact Master Heating & Cooling at (252)255-0095 or email masterhvac@masterhvac.net.

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