Why Coastal HVAC Units Fail

Why coastal HVAC units fail pre-maturely? Why coastal HVAC units fail? The answer to this widely accepted problem can be attributed to SALT. Salt takes a dramatic toll on the life and efficiency of your coastal unit. Inland units can last upwards of 15 years or more, while coastal units are considered worthy if they last a third […]

Coastal Salt Corrosion / Air Conditioning

Air conditioning along the hot and humid coastlines have definitely become a must. Unfortunately, by necessary design, these systems often pre-maturely fail within  this environment due to coastal salt corrosion. The necessary metal combinations used to make up the air conditioning unit is not suitable for this type environment. High humidity and salt contents wreak havoc to the outside condensing unit. Turning it to rubble within […]

Hurricanes Salty Winds Cause Corrosion Inland

Typically, corrosion caused by salt is not addressed quickly enough. This type corrosion is a recurring and expensive problem for coastal residents. Add a hurricane and the problem becomes amplified, with implications reaching much further inland than normal. Understandably, areas that experience coastal flooding are going to encounter salt corrosion issues sooner and in more […]

The Primary Focus of Salt Removers Corp.

The Primary Focus of Salt Removers Corp. The primary focus of Salt Removers Corp. is to reduce the amount of energy coastal residents consume to heat or cool their home, condominium or business and extend the life of their air conditioner/heat pump by controlling salt corrosion . We accomplish this by providing a product and application system that […]

Corrosion of Beach Front AC

Is your Beach Front AC Suffering from Salt Corrosion?  If you live along the beach front and you have an ac then the answer is yes. Salt corrosion will take its toll on all your exposed metal belongings. Remember the old adage-Never buy a used car from the extreme northern states or the coast because road […]

Air Conditioning Coil Protection

Air Conditioning Coil Protection? To protect or not to protect, this is a decision that many coastal homeowners are faced with. Air conditioning coil protection or “coil coatings” (polyurethanes, epoxies, fluoropolymers and silanes) are basically a covering used to shield the outside coil from salt and it’s damaging effects. Salt corrosion or galvanic corrosion in this case can completely destroy a unit in as little as […]

Coastal Sea-Spray Causes Agressive Galvanic Corrosion

Coastal Sea-Spray causes aggressive Galvanic Corrosion and is wreaking HAVOC on your coastal heating and cooling equipment. • Coastal sea spray causes aggressive galvanic corrosion that destroys coastal heating and cooling systems. • Galvanic corrosion can ruin a coastal system in as little as 3 to 5 years. Inland units can last upwards of 15 years. • Galvanic corrosion, […]

Air Conditioner Salt Removal / Salt Removers, Gulf Shores

Let Us Remove Your Salt Problem! Air conditioner salt removal service is a division of Salt Removers Corp. Licensed HVAC contractor, bonded and insured, with service technicians specially trained to safely remove corrosion causing, energy depleting salt deposits from coastal air conditioning and heat pump units. Service trucks are equipped to handle any location using […]

Air Conditioning Coil Corrosion / Salt Removers Corp.

  The primary focus of Salt Removers Corp. is energy conservation and the preservation of coastal heating / cooling systems by providing a product that’s specifically designed and engineered to quickly remove  salt deposits and control Air conditioning coil corrosion / Salt Removers Corp. The Problem is Simply Salt Air Conditioner Salt Remover is the simple solution to an expensive problem you may not know […]

Air Conditioning Repair Due to Salt Corrosion

Salt corrosion is a very common problem in coastal areas of the United States. In fact, the problem is almost epidemic in oceanfront homes and condos along our beautiful coastlines. From the shores of Alabama, Georgia, Florida,  Mississippi, Texas, the Carolinas and all along the Eastern seaboard. People that own homes or condos in these and other coastal regions […]